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Sunday, February 02, 2003


February is Black History month, so it's only proper that public attention be brought to this final, but perhaps most grave, of racial issues facing the nation today:

The systematic exclusion of African Americans from Professional sports.

Europe is laughing at us. Iraq is laughing at us even as they're about to be annihilated. How can the US lead the free world in the 21st century when a black boy can watch a football, baseball, or basketball game and not see a single face that looks like his? How can we expect a black girl to have any confidence in herself when all she sees in the US Open is caucasian female tennis players? And we all know that one can't succeed in the corporate world unless he can play golf - and how will black kids ever get attracted to golf? Can you name even one pro with even a drop of African blood in his veins?

Oh no. Bush and Ashcroft are all too happy to distract you from the gross under-representation in pro athletics with their flashy wars and shuttle explosions. But we know!

Where is the justice?


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