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Sunday, December 08, 2002
Police believe David Michael Keene, 21, shot a gun from a BMW on Sunday afternoon. The bullet shattered the window of a Mercedes Benz and became lodged in the driver's seat, just inches from the driver's head."This road rage incident is nothing too unusual right? Happens all the time in America, the price we pay for freedom right? Well this rather mundane story has an unusual twist: David Michael Keene is the son of David A. Keene, director for the National Rifle Association and conservative political consultant

This story also proves... that only assholes drive BMWs.

I am being sarcastic, of course. It's ridiculous to draw conclusions from a single case (as ironic as it may be.) It often seems that anti-gun rhetoric emerges in reference to stand-alone events (Columbine/Long Island Rail Road massacre/DC sniper) whereas pro-gun rhetoric relies on principle (2nd Amendment) and news-unworthy events like people protecting their homes.

I'd be most interested to see statistics that show how many crimes are committed per year with legally owned guns VS. the amount of times a gun was used for legitimate protection of home or person.

I wonder what young Mr Keene's chances are of drawing the full 10 years mandatory minimum sentence that is associated with this crime.

Since it's the mandatory minimum, I say the chances are good, assuming he's convicted of the crime.


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