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Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Obviously the fat-cats at EA have grown too comfortable in their position as a monopoly in the "it's so boring it's even boring than your actual life" gaming genre, to the point they think they can afford to offend their users by making a pact with the devil (I mean come on, what's more evil than McDonald's?)

So I propose the very first Plastic-based open source venture into the gaming market. Submitted for your approval: The PLASTICS!

In this game you get to control the life of a Plastician. Customize your avatar's appearance by selecting such traits as weight (ranging from over-weight to morbidly obese) and gender (hardcoded as male, and actually unchangeable) as well as personality traits: cranky (0 to 10), bitter (0 to 10), sarcastic (0 to 10), and disillusioned (0 to 10.) Each slider will have a default setting at 9, and to keep the game realistic, not allow you to slide below 8.

Luckily we won't have to program much scenery and animation. I can model a one-bedroom apartment in Infini-D pretty well. No one will ever visit so we don't need to make the doors openable, and the only reason the avatar would need to be animated to to show typing and walking to the fridge. I think we can pull this off.

The main gameplay will consist of the user randomly clicking on the avatar's computer, which results in 5 minutes of furious typing (I can record the sound FX for this.) Like in SIMS, the computer will display topic icons on its screen. For example, "Bush with devil horns and tail." When this comes up, the Plastician's "Karma" bar goes up. But he won't break out in dance, unless someone can animate that. That will be the only topic icon we need.

We also need to have some kind of indicator that the Plastician is unemployed, but it's not because he spends all day on Plastic. Perhaps there can be a thing that when you right-click on the computer and chose "news," with makes the screen flash the same "devil-horns Bush" icon with a stock-type graph with a downward trend. Immediately after this, the Plastician will type for 20 minutes straight (for realism purposes, the user can not stop this) which will result in a "congratulations your story has been posted" icon (what's a good image for that?) and a +3 "karma" increase.

That's pretty much all the functionality we need. Who's going to open the sourceforge account for this?


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