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Tuesday, September 24, 2002
ABS News Online reports that Teres Kirpikli, a Christian Democratic Party candidate running for a seat in Sweden's parliament has called for pornography to be broadcast on television all-day every Saturday to help boost the population, and thereby the economy - though it's too early to count Sweeden in as a cranker's paradise, as her proposal does not have the full backing of her party, with the head of the women's association saying she wants to abolish pornography altogether.

This begs two questions. First, how come we don't hear these kind of novel ideas from Christian groups in America, and second: is pornography really the best way to get couples to have more sex and procreate? Is there a shortage of sex drives in Sweeden - and if so, how would you explain it? The article does not go into depth on that.

Monday, September 23, 2002

A few years ago, GLAAD said "A stereotype is not negative, but in the absence of balancing images, it fosters the belief that all gay and lesbian people are like that." And the same people were supporting the portrayal of gays on WWF?

But really... has to wonder why GLAAD didn't consider the possibility that its support for the supposed gay wedding, much less the WWE, wasn't a good idea...

Actually, one has to wonder this type of thing a lot. Just the other day, seeing this reminded me of this.

It's just odd to me the way these activist groups rally behind / against certain things. In case of PeTA (1st link,) they chose to ignore the fact that burger king STILL serves tons of meat daily, and in case of the 2nd link, these activists could have REALLY picked a better posterchild for welfare. A bit of further irony here

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- March 30, 1992 --
"In the midst of the Basic Instinct controversy, GLAAD/LA is issuing Hollywood a 'Report Card' on lesbian and gay images," said Chris Fowler, GLAAD/LA Executive Director. "Our denunciation of Basic Instinct had to do with the fact that there is no balance in Hollywood's depictions of lesbians and gay men. By issuing this report card, we are placing the controversy in its appropriate context." And that context is frighteningly one-sided. "When we are not ice-pick wielding killers or presidential assassins, we are stereotyped cardboard figures. Even more often, however, we are totally invisible."

I guess Sharon Stone playing a beautiful and inteligent bisexual is negative portrayal, but somehow two straight men fake-wrestling and pretending to be gay is .. supported .. as a step forward for the usually homophobic pro wrestling world.

There really seems to be no consistant way in which these organizations "feel" about things. May be "activism" really does appeal unstable and insecure individuals who are more interested in making noise and attracting attention to themselves rather than careing deeply about the issues. Oh, I'll never understand these highschool kids.


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