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Monday, September 16, 2002
Why don't the human rights groups give a shit about gay Palestinians abused by Arafat and his Palestinian Authority? And in general, why don't they give a shit about the hundreds of Palestinians and other arabs hurt and abused by their own governments?

It's simple enough. The "oppressor and victim" outlook that's left over from the 60s doesn't allow one group to play both roles.

The left-wing types that comprise these human rights groups have picked their victims: Arafat, PLO and all are victims - and to paint them as aggressors in a different {and separate} issue is impossible. You can't be for and against them at the same time.

The ironic fact that gay Palestinians find refuge in Tel Aviv just doesn't make it into the picture. If we paint the Israelis as saviors of the most victimized, rather than oppressors, the whole good vs. evil thing is thrown off balance.

This reminds me of a mind-shift that happened just about a year ago. For a few months, the lefty feminist group on campus used to send me e-mails about the poor oppressed women of Afghanistan, and how the Taliban was evil and had to be removed and blah and blah. But as soon as Bush started talking about invading Afghanistan, suddenly the poor Taliban became the victims to America's (Bush's) aggression - and the abused women had to be dropped from the picture - lest they complicate the issue and deprive these "dissidents" of their absolute moral standpoint.

Some weeks ago I wrote about Leftism becoming obsolete in the 21st century, where the white vs. black mindset simply has failed to keep up with the complexities and dynamics of modern day issues. This is an example.


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