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Wednesday, July 03, 2002
Who cares. One of the Powerpuff girls is named Bubbles and she talks to animals or some such shit. My friend one time ate so many shrooms that he was walking about and talking to squirrels, so people started calling him Bubbles. I don't even know his name anymore. I just know him as Bubbles.

One time Bubbles took acid and called the cops on himself. The cops came and took him to the hospital. Needless to say, Bubbles sobered up and escaped from the hospital. The cops came around asking if we knew the whereabouts of Michael So-and-so. We didn't even know who the fuck it was - the cops didn't know his name was Bubbles. He hid out pretty well until it blew over, anyway.

He's gone now. Kicked out of school for one reason or another. There hasn't been any acid since that time, either.

The point is, it doesn't matter what kind of a superheroine you are. The question is only how much you can sniff, chew, snort, drink, smoke, and inject. At some point we learn to defy gravity, break the barrier of language, and other such shit. A mere human would bleed at even the thought of rolling around on broken glass, but, hey, we're not mere humans here.

Seriously, though. Think about it. And also, what's with the hairy armpits?

The 401K may be going down, but 420 always gets you high. But think about this: there's a Benz model E420. Isn't that just a bit too obvious? It's just screaming 'I have pills and grass in the car, and I am selling!' Well most of the time, these guys don't get pulled over. Why? Capitalism, baby. Who owns the police? That's what I thought. It's a hint, you play your cards right and it can get you somewhere.

Capitalism is a self destructive bitch though. It's like a cokehead who can outrun OJ Simpson on a golf course - but he's burning the candle at both ends. Capitalism succeeds because it rapes people and natural resources, and the planet itself. What do we have to show for our great capitalist success? Global warming, Exxon Valdez, the Saudi Monarchy, and Anna Nicole Smith. It's a Pyrex victory my friends, we won the war but we stabbed ourselves in the buttocks doing it. Capitalism has no built in provision for 'common good.' It has worked because people have been sucessfully marginalized. Look at its success in early American history. Everyone wins, unless of course you consider slaves as people. But how long can you marginalize and ignore?

It's unsustainable. That's all. Deal with it.

Monday, July 01, 2002
Yes, the cost of sending mail through the United States Postal Service is going up again (ex: a first-class stamps will be going from $0.34 to $0.37.) I don't mind paying the extra 3 cents, but I do wonder if it's not stupid to have frequent rate hikes of a few cents each time rather than raising the cost by a larger amount once a decade or so. The rate increase is a very complicated process:
...It took a 2.5-ton truck, filled with over 100,000 pieces of paper, just to file the last case on January 12, 2000. Testimony was submitted by 120 Postal Service and private party witnesses during 40 days of hearings... A total of 78 parties, ranging from loyal customers to tough competitors, were involved in the case. Typically, the entire process of raising rates takes about a year and a half from the development of Postal Service proposals to implementation.

so it seems wasteful to go through it frequently. Of course, the USPS is a government operation and can't be too flexible with its pricing. But then, why do they claim that "the Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operations and relies solely on the sale of its products and services to cover its operating costs" when trying to justify the raise?
New York City Council's Parks Committee has voted in favor of renaming a portion of a Bronx street "Amadou Diallo Place." Diallo was killed in 1999 in a hail of 41 bullets fire by four NYPD cops who said they thought he was reaching for a gun. The case outraged the media (just look at these cartoons) and strained even further the relationship between minority communities and the police. Now, pending the aproval by the City Council and Mayor Bloomberg, the street in front of Diallo’s home will be named in his honor. Is this a step toward reconciliation between the city and the community? Or will it only serve to perpetuate distrust between the cops and minorities?

Sunday, June 30, 2002
Here's what I say to Texas government's conservative choice of school books: GOOD! You see, Texas is in America, the one country in the world where the people are supposed to tell the government what to do, instead of the other way around. So if the people of Texas want to burry their religious heads in the sand and not read books about evolution, it's their right, and the State has no place acting to the contrary.

Yes, sometimes this leads to stupid things, and this is an example. But that's what America is about - we have the freedom to remain as ignorant or backwards as we chose to be. Texan kids being able to learn from evolution-free books is a side of the same coin of which north-eastern kids being able to study evolution is the other side, because if the majority of the state doesn't believe in evolution, the State imposing evolution studies on them is tyrany and oppression.

This the same reason we don't use the metric system. Clearly it's superior to the British system, but "clearly" to whom? Who in the government has the job of imposing their perception of correctness? No, I'd rather live in a country where the people are allowed to keep their ignorant ideas rather than in one where the government enforces "wisdom" contrary to the voting people's wishes.


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